Irfan Hamid, Senior Manager, Tour Development and International Liaison for The Asian Tour. (click to open)

"...Social media is a big part of any successful event, including Indonesia's most prestigious golf tournament. Social Irony understands social media and how it relates to the sponsors, fans and golf industry as a whole. We are delighted to be working with Social Irony for the CIMB Niaga Indonesian Masters."

Aman Khan, Owner Artisan Cellars, Singapore (click to open)

"...highly recommends the team at Social Irony. Resourceful, knowledgeable and constantly looking for opportunities to maximize our social media exposure.

They innovate by looking beyond standard social media norms to make a hard impact, and by doing so, have helped Artisan Cellars boost our image by getting our message and philosophy across to more people."

Jens Marten Schwass, General Manager, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta and Kempinski Private Residences (click to open)

"We have worked with Social Irony since the beginning of 2011 and ever since have greatly benefited from their professionalism, quality of ideas, fast response time and continue to enjoy a close working relationship.

Social Irony is definitely playing a big part to increase our business and is great value for the money."